A long version of this thread:


TH right now is a humble intervention on the Twitter experience.

At a human level, it saves you search time and surprises you with relevant tweets

At a system level, it redirects the flow of attention to irrigate the past.

The immediate benefit is that it works as a serendipity engine that also saves you a bunch of time every time in search.

Searching bookmarks is insane, they tend to be your highest quality subset of tweets.

Showing random tweets when idle helps you find forgotten gems.

In general, seeing your old tweets pop up feels like collaborating with past versions of yourself.




Your body of work should be a living system but water is drying up nearly as soon as it's posted.

Twitter's focus on the present makes it so that attention flow is biased towards the now. The ground is tilted.

ThreadHelper works as a pump that redirects the flow of attention from the present to irrigate the past. You'll take better care of your garden, and others will pass by it more often.

Your mind garden after ThreadHelper is introduced

Your mind garden after ThreadHelper is introduced

Your content's life is extended, it becomes viable to spend more effort on posts because we no longer expect them to be ephemeral as we get frictionless access to past insights.

As you do this, so will others. From a fertile ecosystem, desire paths emerge around the threads most traveled. Around those paths, "mindcities", scenes, new forks pop up.



Desire paths

Desire paths

Our plan is to become a "needle-shaped vessel", a THREAD-SPACE-SHIP. Perceive and navigate this massive tapestry while interweaving your own threads into the mesh.

You'll be able to open full threads on the sidebar, with a tab interface that lets you shift click a tweet or QT to fork and see its thread. Also, you'll get a bird's eye view of threads you have open and how they intersect on a graph.


Less of a neat workspace, more a chaos-powered dashboard. Harness Twitter's dopamine mill and channel it into a massively collaborative ecosystem. Illegible wilderness becomes navigable-but-in-flux paths and structures.

Like Roam, but multiplayer-first.


A bit farther into the future, we expect to be able to pull and search content from anywhere, basically a second-brain, allowing you to "search yourself".


If you get tired BIG COMPANY TM, we intend on eventually adopting a user-centric peer-to-peer architecture a la Holochain

Your data goes from split btw different companies to associated with you and is merely read by services and other people.


It matters to us that people remain sovereign and in control of their data. We'll help you store your data without compromising privacy. By gathering data from different sources and letting people access and post it, a new context is born from the use that's made of TH.